We make contracts easier to understand

We increase customer understanding by using engaging annotations, innovative design and unique technology to power your contracts.

Quite simply, we allow your business to create, send and store beautiful contract experiences.

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92% of people say Nift makes them pay more attention to their contract.

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Have you ever signed a contract without reading it properly?

We’ve all done it before! However, understanding T&Cs is important for both you and your customers.

Misunderstanding contracts cost businesses billions of pounds each year – not to mention the negative impression they leave with customers.

At Nift, we believe every interaction you have with a customer counts.

We are reimagining contracts.

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A survey of 2000 people conducted by Fairer Finance earlier this year suggested 73% do not read the small print, and a similar subsequent Money Advice Service Survey suggested this figure was nearer 84%.

Fairer Finance - Apr 2014
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Bank litigation costs hit $260bn… with $65bn more to come from fines and lawsuits in the financial industry since the financial crisis, says new research from Morgan Stanley (Aug 2015)

Financial Times - Aug 2015

So how does Nift work?

Nift contract viewer

Upload your contract, translate legal jargon into human language, then send it to your customers in our beautiful, personalised contract guide.


Track how customers have engaged with your contract, and ensure key points are understood.

Nift analytics
Nift business dashboard

Store signed contracts in a secure document locker and get smart notifications about your contracts.

Behind the scenes

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The Nift platform uses human experts and artificial intelligence to make your business contracts more engaging to your customers.

With our self improving algorithms and detailed analytics, Nift’s platform will continue to learn on how to increase understanding around contracts.

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Security is one of the biggest considerations in everything we do. Nift accomplishes this by using best in class tools and practices to maintain a high level of security at Nift.

Data is stored using industry standard AES-256 encryption, keeping your business and customer details secure and safe on Nift's platform.

What people are saying about us

It’s important customers understand what they are signing so we wanted to find a way to encourage more people to read before they sign. Working with prehype to develop Nift has enabled us to bring an innovative product to market quickly whilst also helping us to improve customer experience and trust.

Alison-Rose avatar Alison Rose
CEO, Commercial and Private Banking, NatWest

Nift’s translations and scenarios replaced some of the training we do during onboarding. But overall, it increases our employee engagement with important documents.

Leigh Dixon avatar Leigh Dixon
Head of HR at Outbrain

With a huge network of freelance contributors, this makes a typically annoying experience so much easier and far more engaging.

Stacie Grissom avatar Stacie Grissom
Editor at Bark & Co

This is an important service we are providing our customers. Nift helps customers navigate their contracts, highlighting common areas of confusion or misunderstanding. It is exciting that Lombard is leading the way for this new activity, all designed to make it easier for our customers to do business with us.

Ian Isaac avatar Ian Isaac
Head of Sales at Lombard

Nift helped us improve our customer engagement and understanding of their obligations when they sign up to Rated People.

Lisa Tugwell avatar Lisa Tugwell
Product at Rated People

We can bring our brand to life during on boarding and help our freelancers understand key questions.

Stacey Seltzer avatar Stacey Seltzer
CFO at Prehype

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